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Episode 11- Chiropractic 101

So we finally get around to discussing Chiropractic, what it is that I do and how it can help you and your family live a healthier life.  Enjoy?  refs also coming soon too! 

Episode 10 - Death by Sitting

In our tenth episode we discuss the urban myth that your desk chair and workstation are out to get you, only to discover that not only is it true, but apparently it is all part of a grand master plan devised by flip flop sandals. Ergonomics to the rescue... Refs coming soon.

Episode 9 - Healthy Tech

Beyond the obvious advances in medical technology, we explore the idea of generic tech helping us live a healthier life.  Some consider it a bane on real social interaction and therefore our wellbeing however, we put forth thoughts and sources that suggest otherwise.

Article: Can Social Networks Cure Disease? Part I 

Article: Can Social Networks Cure Disease? Part II 

Article: Why Weight Loss Mobile Apps Aren't Really Changing The Game

Article: How Your Phone Could Help You Lead a Healthier Lifestyle 

Article: Are ASmartphones, Droid and the iPhone Ruining Our Lives 

Episode 8 - Trust no one?

Although the topic articles seem a little bleak we try to further the discussion about cultivating trusted resources while at the same time attempting to reconcile issues with peer review, corporate interests and the knowledge stream.

Article:The unholy alliance between Big Pharma and the medical profession

Article:  Glaxosmithkline settles drug fraud case

Article: Two former Merck Employees launch fraud case regarding MMR vaccine - This particular url link is not the one I used for the show, nonetheless it is the same information as was presented - interestingly enough just today (July 23, 2012) mercola.com has posted an article about how this report disappeared from the Wall Street Journal website.  Google it to find other sources - it is out there...

Article:  A note to people who speak out on problems in medicine: Be Brave.

Article: Health authorities accused of trying to muzzle doctors

Article:  Slap: UC Davis Still Reeling from Attack on Doctor Who Questioned PSA Tests

Episode 7 - Medicating healthy People?!?

This episode has us perilously close to losing our 'clean' rating and going explicit with a research report suggesting everyone should be prescribed cholesterol reducing medication (statins).  We manage not to get to ranty and also review other timely material that completely refutes the initial report.  Also feedback and upcoming episode preview and finally we share the meaning of life - listen for it...

Article:   NHS 'should consider giving statins to healthy people'

Article:  Adding cholesterol-lowering foods to your diet

Article:  Healthy Food Is a Better Deal Than Junk, USDA Says

Episode 6 - Goodnight moon and other things...

Due to scheduling difficulties I 'fly solo' in this episode and we end up somewhere down the rabbit hole... Also updates from a previous episode and some feedback brings up a good point...

Opening lines from "Goodnight Moon" 

Sleep definition from Taber's Medical Dictionary

A quick reference regarding sleep stages and other information sleep related: How much sleep Do You Need? Sleep Cycles, Stages & Lack of Sleep 

How Sleep Friendly is Your Bedroom?

Update Articles relating to Episode 3 - Healthy Lunch High

Bans on school junk food pay off in California

New Study Highlights the Need for Health Education Programs to Ward off Childhood Obesity 

Thanks Sue (and everyone else) for the feedback!!

Episode 5 - Just six things...

We play the 'what if' game and discuss what we believe are the top six essentials for healthy living.

The six essentials are:

1.) Be in your truth/be mindful

2.) Always start with Why

3.) Get adjsuted (i.e. regular chiropractic care)

4.) Meal Plan 

5.) Move 

6.) Kaizen - Japanese concept translated as: Continuous incremental improvement

The list is mine, but some of the concepts are borrowed.  #1 comes from Susan Orman

#2 comes from Simon Sinek (his TED talk and book - Start with Why) 

Episode 4 - Moderation or not...

We discuss two book reviews and offer our opinions on the subject of moderation.

Article: Everything in moderation? Not for health, author says

Article: Doctor: Ditch health trends, listen to your body

Article:The Allure of Qnexa

Episode 3 - Healthy Lunch High

We discuss the pros and cons of helping/forcing teens to eat healthy.  We also have our first interview guest for additional insight into this healthy living topic.

Article: L.A. schools healthy lunch menu panned by students

Article: School cafeteria finds success with "healthy" burgers, fries

Episode 2 -Stress

In our second episode we discuss stress.  What it is, what it can do to you and more importantly what you can do to manage or minimize it.  Listen, enjoy and learn.

If you're sharp you would have caught my mistake on this podcast.  I do of course listen to each episode after the fact, but we record live and re-edits just don't make sense.  So... if you can point out my mistake and what I should have said (email me @ drmattdc@rogers.com) - the first 3 people to do so will get a special prize!

Stress Definition from Taber's Medical Dictionary

Article: Drink your OJ: 9 weird ways to beat stress

And now the graph that I mentioned but you could not see, regarding how as stress increases, efficiency increases to a point, but then fails as stress continually increases...

Episode 1 - Aggressive Mice and New Exercise Research

Here it is, the first of many episodes.  Listen, enjoy and learn.

We discuss what we would like the show to be, and then get into some interesting health related news articles with specific links below.

Article 1: Will Stress Injure your Gut

Article 2: Fitness levels trump weight for living longer

Also consider checking out the blog for further thoughts about these articles and the show!

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