What to Expect

Initial contact/first visits

Doctors of Chiropractic are 'Portal of Entry' practitioners, that means you do not need a referral to book an appointment to see us!

We are always accepting new patients!

Whether you email, text, call, or walk in to our office, our staff will assist you with any questions and help get your initial appointment set up.

If you know someone who is already a patient with us or have been referred to a specific doctor/massage therapist, let the staff know and they will book with the correct one. Even if you haven't been referred to us directly, with a few simple questions our staff will get you to the right practitioner for you.

Our Initial Chiropractic Visit (approximately 45mins-1hour in length)  has two main parts.

I Consultation:

We explore together what specific concerns have brought you into our office. 

We will go over your full health history & we talk briefly about how we operate as chiropractors (what we do and what we don't do). 

From there we move to a two part examination (if appropriate in your case)

II Examination:

First we test the nervous system (non invasive, computer assisted).

Second we conduct a physical exam (chiropractic, orthopedic & neurological procedures) focused not only on your main concern but also for general health screening.

Feel free to ask questions at any point during your visit!

At the end of your initial visit, we may make recommendations (for obtaining x-rays if needed) or referrals (to other practitioners as appropriate)  and answer any final questions you may have.  We do not typically offer treatments during our initial visits.

Our Second Chiropractic Visit (approximately 15mins-30mins) also has two main parts

I Report of Findings:

We go over in detail, your examination results, what they mean, what your diagnosis is & our recommendations for your care. This includes your schedule of care, specific treatments to be used and, any exercises, stretches and co-treatment recommendations (massage therapy, physiotherapy, etc.)

II Treatment:

Once we have communicated our findings, your treatment plan and you agree we have answered your questions and addressed any concerns: we can then start treatment during this visit.

Our Philosophy guides our Mission

Your health is based on important principles and everything we do in our office is also based on those principles:

1. You must understand that your body is designed to heal itself. If you cut your finger, it heals without any conscious thought.  Your body is in fact,  in a constant state of change and repair.  To do this however, it must follow a very specific program.

2. Your nervous system is the thing that runs the program.  As long as your nervous system can effectively communicate with every organ, tissue, cell, nook and cranny of you, then you should enjoy the best health ever. This is called Normal!

3. if something interferes with the nervous system and it is not able to do this.  Your body will not be able to do what it is designed and programed to do.  It will do it's own thing - This is not 'okay'!

4. Our job as a Chiropractor is to restore law and order to the system.

We will find out what the problem is and investigate together so that we can both understand what the cause of the problem might be.

When all the relevant information is gathered we can then make an appropriate recommendation for a schedule of care to address the cause of your problem.

Once you have recovered we then move to place you on wellness care, where we work with you occasionally to make sure you stay that way for life!

When you are ready take our virtual office tour and download our intake forms - all of which you can find under the New Patient Center.

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