Angela received her Reiki Master certification in the Usui-Tibetan Reiki modality, and is a Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association as well as a registered member with the International Center For Reiki Training. Angela holds a diploma in Meditation and is a certified Mindfulness Practitioner.  She is a registered Sound Therapist and received her certification after graduating from Globe Institute of Sound Healing and Music Production in San Francisco.  In addition, Angela is also a professional multi-instrument musician, and enjoys learning about geology as a member of the International Gem Society, and is currently pursuing a nutritionist designation.


Angela has been practicing Reiki for 10 years, and teaching for 3 years.  In that time, she has validated the effects Reiki has in calming the nervous system, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and improving brain focus just to name a few of the benefits of Reiki.  When we can achieve some or even all of these, we find we have much more energy during the day, less pain in our bodies, more energy for ourselves, a greater sense of accomplishment and much more love and joy in our lives.


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